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Joey Ciucci
Vintage Vibe Classic 64
Hammond XK3 Organ
1974 Leslie 145 Tone Cabinet
1976 Leslie 825 Tone Cabinet
Fender Rumble
Brian Fones

2019 Historic Makeovers Gibson R9 

1986 Gibson Les Paul Standard

1969 Marshall JMP50

Germino Club 40

Marshall 412 loaded with 

(2)JBL D120 and (2)Weber Legacy

Belden and Evidence Audio Cables 

D’addario Strings 

Jason Neal

Ludwig Vistalites (mixed 70’s drums)

18”x16” kick (converted floor tom)

12” x 8” rack tom 

16” x 16” floor

14” x 6” snare 

15” Sabian HHX Groove hi hats 

18” Istanbul Agop crash

20” Istanbul Agop ride (as crash)

22” Zildjian K Constantinople ride 

Pork Pie throne

Tama Iron Cobra kick pedal 

Vater 5B wood tip sticks 

Flex O Lite ping pong paddle  

Dusty Ray Simmons
1968  Yamaha C-200 "Golden Dragon"
20 x 14, 14 x 14, 12 x 8
 Ludwig Copper Phonic Snare
14 x 6.5
24" Istanbul Traditional Dark Ride
22" Istanbul Traditional Dark Crash
22" Zildjian Constantinople Bounce Ride
16" 60's Zildjian A Hi-Hats
Vater Los Angeles 5A Wood Tip Sticks
Jeremy D. Simmons
1991 Japanese Fender Jazz "Tractor" Bass Custom Made
Fender Super Bassman
(2) Mark Bass NY115
Bullet Cables
Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Flats
Willie Williams
2018 Gibson R9 Les Paul
2002 Gibson 61 Reissue SG
1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb
1964 Fender Princeton Head (Heavily Modified)
Marshall 412 (loaded with 
Celestion G12M Heritage Series  & JBL D120F)
Callaham Bridges
RS Guitarworks wiring (all guitars)
D'Addario Strings
Vintage Coricidin Bottle Slides
Mulder Cabels
Mogami Cables
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